[Product Update 1.17] Multiple Surveys, Attributes, Compare

We heard you! Thank you for sharing your feedback and we meant what we said in bringing to you a simple employee survey tool. EngageRocket is now configured to make it even easier for you.

1. “I have employees with no email addresses…”

Fret not! When setting up a survey, company admins can now choose an attribute in the employee list to set as the unique identifier for employees without email addresses. A simple one can be your company employee IDs. Just make sure you upload this data under ‘Manage Employees’ as the unique identifier will serve as the Access Code for employees to access the survey via a generic survey link for your company. You can find this survey link under ‘Records’ tab to disseminate (consider hardcopy invite) to employees. Need more info? Check out this 3-step guide.

2. Preview the survey

Double, triple-check it! We get paranoid too. You can now preview the survey questions and respondent group before launching it. 

3. “Oops, I’ve launched the survey but I missed out an employee…”

We know how important it is to have every employee’s voice heard. No one should be missed out. Be it a new hire or an entry mistake, you can now invite them by adding their records under the ‘Manage Employees’ tab and EngageRocket will prompt you with the following message (Do take note that they will only be invited to respond to questions that have not yet been asked):


There’s more!

We are thrilled to announce the following new features that will enhance the way you interact with EngageRocket. These features were heavily influenced by your feedback, wish lists and even challenges (yes, they’re always welcome!) so we’re really excited to get this in the hands of our users. The next time you log into your EngageRocket platform, get ready to have your experience transformed…

1. Customise your own engagement driver

EngageRocket has done the research and presented to you our 10 drivers of Employee Engagement. However, we understand every company is unique and you may want to create your own drivers or maybe sometimes, some questions just don’t seem to quite fit in any of the standard 10 drivers. No problem, you can now create your very own driver under Survey Setup!

2. Create attributes

You can now create attributes for each employee so that they can be aggregated into different data cuts when results are available. Create any attribute from hire date, performance grade, location, and more.

 3. Give permissions

By default, EngageRocket sets 2 level of permissions – Company Administrators and Managers. We understand that sometimes, you may want to give special rights to specific groups of people. You can now do so under ‘Permissions’ tab and customise access to data, verbatim or even the Compare function.

4. Compare

Data becomes useful when you Compare them. The Compare function allows you to compare data side by side and draw out insights about your organisation by selecting an attribute like gender, department or manager.

 5. Multiple surveys to multiple respondent groups

What?? Yes! You can now send different survey versions, in different languages, with different question sets to different teams. Simply create the teams, and select the team you want to send the survey to during the survey setup. 

Author: Dorothy Yiu

Dorothy is passionate about creating great workplaces. As COO of EngageRocket, she tinkers with every aspect of the product to make it the best tool out there to help managers lead better.

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