3 Articles to help you understand People Analytics

3 Articles To Help You Understand People Analytics

Bubbling beneath the surface, people analytics has been making itself heard. Advancement in Big Data and AI technologies has allowed data to be generated and collected at an unprecedented rate, setting up the perfect platform for people analytics to finally breach the surface.

Here are 3 key articles to help you better understand how people analytics works, and what it can bring to the table:


People Analytics: Here With A Vengeance

People Analytics: Here with a vengeance

Already a go-to name in the People Analytics scene, Josh Bersin gives a keen overview of the findings from his High Impact People Analytics Study in this article. He points out the 7 leading practices and gives suggestions on how organizations can fast-track their deployment of people analytics to enhance business outcomes.

If you’re looking to get up to date on everything people analytics, this is the article that you definitely have to read.

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How AI is Transforming HR: The Future Of People Analytics

How AI is Transforming HR: The Future Of People Analytics

The title speaks for itself. This article talks about how Artificial Intelligence, together with Big Data, can be used to support the many uses of People Analytics. It gives readers a succinct view of the benefits of using AI in HR, as well as a few suggestions on where to use AI to bolster People Analytics.

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How Analytics Are Like Windshield Wipers

How Analytics Are Like Windshield WipersJason Roberts, global head of technology and analytics for Randstad Sourceright, uses windshield wipers to analogize People Analytics and how it can help your business. Roberts highlights the visionary aspects of People Analytics, how people analytics has evolved from a reactive tool into a predictive one that will allow businesses to make data driven decisions.

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