10 Secrets to Surviving and Excelling Remote Working

By PeopleFirst on April 24, 2020

Here are some secrets revealed from our own EngageRocket employees and our customers on lessons they’ve learned to better collaborate with their teams, as well as manage the feelings of isolation, burnout and anxiety that can emerge.

  1. Set a recurring alarm to stand up and stretch for 2 mins every hour.

  2. Instead of commuting, use the same period of time to exercise, read a book or enjoy some ‘me time’.

  3. Find a consistent, quiet workspace for your home office where you can work uninterrupted - with access to the internet at all times. Make an effort to even decorate the space.

  4. Since you won’t run into any of your fellow employees - make time for socials with them. Have scheduled coffee times using video conferencing tools.

  5. Don’t work near your bed, if possible, to avoid the temptation of napping.

  6. Create a home-made ‘Do not disturb’ sign to hang on your door during meetings if you have noisy family members.

  7. If you are working in a shared space (e.g. dining table), wear your headphones to indicate to family members of quiet times needed for concentration.

  8. Don’t forget your step count and go out for walks. Fresh air and sunlight will do you some good but don’t forget your masks!

  9. Inform your team members of your work schedule (if it differs from the usual hours) and respect their work schedules too. Don’t send non-urgent messages outside those hours!

  10. Be mindful of those snacks! We have to be mindful of our diet as physical exercises may be restricted during this time. Best way to prevent unhealthy snacking is to not buy them.


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