5 Virtual Team Building Activities to Try This Week

By PeopleFirst on April 24, 2020

Looking to boost team productivity, communication, collaboration, relationships at work and trust? Here are 5 different virtual team-building activities you can try out this week. 

1. Virtual house tour 

This virtual team-building exercise allows team members to tour a volunteer’s home virtually. The employee who volunteered can take the opportunity to showcase some of their prized collections, thoughtful internal designs or simply allow his or her team members to take a peek into his or her room or house. This activity allows team members to get to know one another on a more personal level and can foster stronger relationships and trust among them.


2. Have lunch together, virtually

Your team members may be missing lunch-time chitchats with their fellow colleagues and there is no reason why this shouldn’t continue even while we work from home. Schedule in lunch meetings for team members to have a meal together virtually over video-conferencing or maybe even take it up a notch and have one of them conduct a cooking demonstration on how his or her lunch is prepared!


3. State-of-my-desk desk Fridays

While your team members may feel compelled to keep their desk neat and tidy in the office, they may not hold it to the same standard at home. One fun way to help your employees bond virtually is to share a picture of their desk at the end of the week. This is a fun way to invoke some laughs, bring out the personal side in every of your employee and encourage some advice from the neater colleagues on how to maintain a tidy workspace.


4. Collaborative music playlist

Help your team members bond and stay connected through music! They can create collaborative playlists to share their favourite songs with one another. Multiple playlists can be created for different occasions, like ‘Get-Sh*t-Done-Monday’, ‘Deep focus playlist’’ or ‘Chillax Fridays’. 


5. Dress-up huddles

Most teams would have regular team huddles virtually to ensure everyone is on the same page. Why not set a theme each week for your team members to dress up for the meeting? It gives them something to look forward to and create the opportunity for a light-hearted chat before the official meeting commences. It can be as simple as setting a colour for the theme or more whacky ideas like ‘decorate your head with toilet paper’. 


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