Activities to Kill Boredom During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted by PeopleFirst on Apr 24, 2020 8:46:10 AM



One key challenge during this current environment is the lack of social interaction. For some, not being able to go outdoors is a big challenge to their mental state. 

In this article, EngageRocket shares several ways to beat boredom, both for your kids and for you, very bored adults.


  1. Adopt a creative side


The Atlantic shares this article on tips of relieving stress by applying yourself to art. From writing a three-sentence novel to making your own music, you might find something special about yourself after we get through these challenging times.


  1. Remote teambuilding games


BeUnite shares 32 ways teams can still find ways to destress with each other after-hours, with games suitable for remote teams. From word puzzles to scenario planning games - these games may even lead you to grow closer to your colleagues beyond this challenging period.


  1. Netflix and Party


This handy Chrome extension allows you to simulate the experience of a home-movie with your colleagues, with a live-chat addon for Netflix. Keep busy making fun of a badly-written line, or just engage in general work banter that keeps everyone engaged.


  1. The Five Minute Mum


This site has tons of activities for busy mothers with young children. For busy and working parents, this page can be a lifesaver!


  1. World at Home


Another idea bank for families at home together, with more ambitious projects for older children.


  1. Ideas that don’t involve more time on screen


Wall Street Journal shares 100 activities for families who are trying to prevent too much dependence on electronic devices during this period.

We hope these activities help you build emotional ties in a time where we need it most! EngageRocket’s team regularly engages in a myriad of team activities, and we found these to be our favourites. 

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