3 Simple Tips to Cultivate a Happy Workplace

By Dorothy Yiu on January 23, 2019


We all know that teams who are happier and more engaged are 21% more productive and 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organisation. People are organisation’s number one asset, so keeping them happy should be organisation’s number one priority. 

Here are my 3 tips to leaders to ensure a happier workplace.

Make Employee recognition a habit 

It’s not surprising that we often see the lack of recognition as one of the key drivers of disengagement within organisations today. As leaders, we can start creating and sharing that positive culture by making recognition giving itself our own habit. It should start from us. For example, something I find useful would be to set an intention with yourself to recognise at least 5 people each week or one person every day and encourage them to pay it forward. It also doesn’t hurt to collect some data along the way on what form of recognition may make your employees tick the most.

Invest in your employee’s wellbeing.

This doesn’t always have to mean free lunches or wellness vouchers, it can also mean giving them the opportunities to grow and develop in their own area of interest. Sometimes, this may fall outside their normal job scope and may be helpful for leaders to either sponsor fully or partially or even simply allow them to take time off to pursue learning. Although, often it can also be within their role itself too. To find out what their areas of development are, you can either use a structured approach like a 360 review to identify skills gaps or you can do so during regular conversations. 

Make them feel heard 

The last tip I have for leaders, would be to keep the conversation flowing with employees. Nothing validates an employee more than making them feel heard and valued. Have regular 1:1s or if in-person meetings are difficult for you, leverage on tools to collect data on their sentiment so that you can make informed decisions. Initiatives based on gut-feel may not always lead to consistent results!


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By taking small steps to create a cheerful and motivated work environment, there are likely to be fewer work-related conflicts, more engagement and productivity.


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