How To Manage Distractions And Stay Focused

By PeopleFirst on April 24, 2020

In an office, it may be easy to stay focused and busy with the work you have to do. The hustle and bustle create an engaging environment where you almost don’t even think about how productive you are at your desk - it just happens.


Not necessarily the case anymore, with many remote workers finding the freedom at home to be a major productivity slump. It’s all on you now to maintain yourself during a task and be disciplined about meeting your own deadlines. 


With the myriad of other issues that can be a cause for concern during this pandemic, having difficulties in concentrating can be a major setback for teams reliant on collaboration.


Here, EngageRocket shares ways that you can ensure that you introduce routines to improve your level of focus, and find ways to manage distractions.


1. Avoid sleeping later

It’s simple - much can’t be done if you’re starting your workday already exhausted. Sleep is important for memory recall, focus and well-being. With many remote workers, work schedules may change or become more flexible. This may also mean a great tendency to sleep later. It's important to keep to a routine of sleep hygiene, which means committing to healthy sleeping time, removing sources of light at least 30 minutes before bedtime and turning off notifications from your phone. 


2. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a concept rooted in the deliberation of your effort at the task that you are applying yourself to. For remote workers, distractions are abundant. Going to work with the same routine, and expecting yourself to excel solely on willpower can be wishful thinking. Without mindfulness on how you are responding to these distractions, you aren’t able to develop a method to overcome it. 


Here are some actionable tips on how to practice mindfulness while working from home.


  • Try to wake up at the same time every day.
  • Don’t rush to start work - give yourself time to get dressed and shower.
  • Prepare a healthy breakfast. Other than the health benefits, it’s also an opportunity to start the day by reminding yourself to take care of your body.
  • Before you begin your workday, take some time to settle in your home office and set an intention for the goals you wish to achieve for the day.


3. Protect yourself from digital distraction

While digital technology is the way we have even enabled remote work today, the internet is a notorious source of distraction. With notifications from social media, work chats or a never-ending list of recommended articles - there’s an endless queue of distractions that demand your attention, pulling you away from your work. 


Consider setting periods of ‘deep focus’ times during the day where you’d turn off all notifications to allow yourself to concentrate on some of the tasks at hand. Don’t forget to inform your colleagues and even family members to ensure you minimize distractions for the best focus and productivity.



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