How To Strengthen Remote Collaboration In Teams

By PeopleFirst on April 24, 2020

To improve collaboration between departments, you have to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Teams that work collaboratively spend 64% less time on a task than those going solo and companies that promote collaborative working are five times as likely to be high performing.

Here are three strategies that are vital to improving collaboration across departments and working effectively. 


1. Equip your team with the right tools 

Setting a remote team up for success should be treated the same way you’d welcome a new employee to the office. You want to make sure you’re equipping them with all the tools they’ll need to succeed. Without the proper tools, a remote employee won’t be effective, and your company’s overall morale and output will suffer. A simple question to ask your team members would be “When working from home, I have access to the resources (e.g. equipment, technology, support services, etc.) I need to do my job effectively.”


2. Make collaborative meetings fun

Making team meetings engaging by introducing fun elements to it. One example would be to introduce the ‘thinking hat’ challenge by encouraging everyone to join the virtual meeting with their own expression of a ‘thinking hat’. It could be a creatively decorated headgear or simply a sign placed above the head.


3. Use your company culture to unite your employees

Your company culture is something that all employees can identify and align with. With remote working, managers must be intentional in creating and maintaining company culture in order to unite employees in various locations. You can begin by deliberately identify any positive behaviour demonstrated which are aligned with your company values and recognising them privately or publicly as positive reinforcement. It goes the same way with when you need to give constructive criticism.


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