Tips On Co-working Amicably With Your Spouse At Home

By PeopleFirst on April 23, 2020

With the remote working situation, we may now be spending more time with our spouses than we’re used to - and that can be a delicate balance to strike. Building a common language and communicating boundaries is important to build the best environment that supports both of you as you navigate working in a condensed space. 


Here are some tips from EngageRocket on helping you manage work-life boundaries and enhancing your experiences together.


1. Keep work out of your personal lives

Build workspaces that delineate a clear boundary between where work starts and where domestic life begins can create a psychological connection for knowing when to switch away from work and focus on your personal relationship. 


If creating a singular area for work is difficult - try to use a time-based approach where an area can only be used for work during your designated office hours. The importance of following this boundary is to prevent introducing stress over shared schedules for work.


2. Listen and share

Without the office, you may find your spouse coming to you often to speak about the issues they face at work. An important aspect to understand is that this situation is challenging for everyone. Having an open ear to listen to their concerns can aid them in managing their stress levels.


On the other hand, there can be a tendency for individuals to focus too much on their negativity - which can drastically impact the mood and productivity of their significant other. Resist the urge to latch on to these issues and try to get them off your mind as soon as possible. 


3. Show appreciation for your partner.

Recognise that this situation is difficult for both you and your partner - and frequently communicating your appreciation can aid your life at home. One way you can show appreciation for each other is to help create a positive shred environment.

Ensure all domestic responsibilities are shared equally - and don’t fall entirely on one person. Expectations overdoing certain chores can be gendered, so tasks such as attending to the children or doing household chores shouldn’t be divided over who is busier. Instead it should be an equal distribution of responsibilities.

Emotional labour is often invisible - so it’s even more important to set up valid expectations on the outset. Because expectations are often assumed, it can lead to frustrating situations.

The coronavirus situation is a challenging one - but it can also be an opportunity to grow closer to the ones we love and cherish. Building a positive working relationship at home will allow for everyone to come out of this situation making the best of it.


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