3 reasons I loved my internship at EngageRocket!

By Danish Ramlan

1. Autonomy & Ownership

Throughout my internship, I was empowered to take ownership of projects and work, and then given the autonomy to work on and develop that project. After some time to get up to speed, my supervisor asked me: what are the projects that you want to work on? This was a pleasant surprise; I initially had the impression that I would only be a supporting member of existing projects as an intern. 

Soon after, I got the opportunity to own Product Metrics, while also assisting my teammates in other live and important projects. As a developing internal tool, I had the chance to learn how we could use metrics to contextualize and provide information about user behavior. This information became one part of a larger effort to understand our target user groups, where these insights would be validated with our Customer Success teams and finally used by the team in product development. By the end, we had set the foundation for this to be a consistent part of their intern processes!

Along the way, having weekly follow-ups with my manager also enabled me to keep tabs on the progress I was making, keeping the goals that I had set for myself in mind and updating them as I grew into the role. There were instances when I felt ill-equipped for a task, but my manager and the team provided their support, offering it at any time. 


2. Staying Connected while being apart - Remote working done right!

It goes without saying that EngageRocket has a wealth of talented individuals and strong teams, but they were also incredible people to work with. Each team was filled with experts with distinct skill sets that enabled the teams to be well-rounded with information flowing smoothly between them. I was blessed with the opportunity to interact with the different teams and their members through cross-functional projects. The joint efforts culminated with key input from every team, leading to the development of a well-thought-out product. 

The teams were also able to thrive thanks to a culture of openness for all our employees. allowed me to speak with and gain exposure to various facets of a thriving startup seeking to impact change in our world. In these interactions with them, I got to understand the role of my department in the success and growth of EngageRocket. As an intern, they took me in as one of their own and they valued my input as much as anyone else’s! 

Outside of working on projects, time was set aside for each person to speak to another team member through coffee chats, and even had topical channels to share all sorts of information. I got the chance to speak to my colleagues outside a work context, where I learned to appreciate each member’s unique personality. Despite hardly meeting my teammates physically, it felt easy to speak to anyone about anything, and it created a wonderful atmosphere to be a part of.


3. They practice what they preach

Throughout this blog, I’ve alluded to the many little actions that enable the teams to work together efficiently. They all point at a larger strategy that shows lots of care and concern for their employees. Each employee - in whatever capacity - were valued members of the EngageRocket family. With their own employees, they embody what they’re fighting for - the founders and team managers do all that they can to help their teams be productive and perform to the best of their ability, investing in them the same way they hope for their users. 

In my time here, I got a taste of how an organization tries its best to assimilate its new members into the team. It has made me feel strongly attached to the company in such a short time. As a company that provides products that enable their clients to enhance the employee experience for the employees, EngageRocket uses the same principles for its employees and we get to feel its great effects. I was a beneficiary of this and has spurred me to try to do the same wherever I can in the future.


Disembarking the Rocketship 🚀

As some might say, “shoot for the moon and even if you fail, you fall among the stars.” Here they’ve helped me do just that. My time here may have been a short 6 months, but the invaluable experience I’ve gained here has helped me shape my future. As a member of a small team, my manager and teammates took me under their wing to guide me through the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of a start-up, while also carving a path of personal development throughout my stay. My future may not be spent here right now, but I know that the time I did have here will stay with me for a long time to come. 


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