Empower managers, so your people can thrive

By Wiona Teo

Employee surveys have become a common practice in today's workplace to boost engagement, improve retention and increase productivity. However, our statistics below show that many are still unsure of what actions to take post-survey.


EngageRocket Research *based on a poll of 102 HR professionals in APAC **based on EngageRocket's user interviews with CHRO and HR Directors in APAC

Managers have a closer connection to their employees on the ground and they should be well aware of their direct reports as well as the context of their role. Therefore, they are technically the most well-equipped person to take on the role of action-taking and improving employees’ experience.


“Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.” 

- John Maxwell


Empowering your managers can start with these 3 steps:

1. Provide managers with the right tools

Managers should be equipped with the right tools to understand their teams in real-time. With these insights, managers will be able to look out for employees with lower engagement, lower motivation, higher attrition risk, etc. so that they can prioritize their actions on these groups which will reap greater value.

2. Encourage open and honest communication within teams

Nurture psychological safety within teams so employees feel comfortable posting questions, contributing ideas, sharing work concerns, and learning from mistakes from each other. This will enable the team to be creative, innovative, and collaborative. You will never know where the next great idea will come from or what foundation it is building on.

3. Show appreciation for managers’ contributions

Showing appreciation to a job well done only encourages it to become better the next time. When an employee feels supported within the organization, he/she will reciprocate with high levels of engagement. This positive energy is likely to bounce off each other within teams and it will help in emphasizing the meaningfulness of work.




Good managers bring out the best in their people. By taking a systematic approach, managers will be able to build their high-performing teams where everyone thrives. EngageRocket’s newly launched ACT module provides research-backed action suggestions for leaders and managers based on employee experience data.


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