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5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Corporate Culture Sucks

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Corporate Culture Sucks

If you’re a business romantic like me, you’ve probably read books on corporate culture like Delivering Happiness, Anything You Want, and Onward with rosy eyes and a longing spirit. We’ve all heard plenty about how Zappos, Google, and Southwest are dreams to work for because of their stellar company cultures. Is it too much of a generalisation to say that…


The Forgotten Language All Effective Leaders Must Learn

This is a guest post by Dr. Paul White and Jasmine Liew. Most employees across the world today don’t feel valued at work. Supervisors know that their team members are “doing more with less”, feeling stressed, unmotivated and many times, are approaching burnout. Predominately, monetary incentives, increments and promotions have been a common way of recognising staff. However, in today’s…

Prevent Conflict

10 Insanely Practical Ways to Manage Conflict at Work

Last modified: 21 Sep 2016 In today’s workplace, diversity is more common than ever. People from varying backgrounds, education, interests, gender, ethnicity, religious, political views, location and more, come together to work. As such, conflicts are inevitable and as management it is part of the job to manage conflict at work. In fact, some Human Resource managers report spending 24 to 60…