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Solutions to involve employees in business process optimisation in 2021

Getting your team involved in choices about how your company should scale and grow might not seem particularly important at first. However, your employees can be more valuable to your decision making than you think. Find out more about steps you can take to involve employees in the decision-making process.

Images - Blog_4 Best Practices to Prepare Your Team for 2021

4 best practices to prepare your team for 2021

As the pandemic has altered the way we work, here are four key areas that organisations can focus on to succeed and thrive in the new way of work. Find out more about these best practices.

Performance appraisal

How to reinvent the way performance appraisals are designed

COVID-19 has highlighted what “good performance” really looks like, beyond legacy indicators like formal education or the hours you put in. Performance and talent management systems must change to reflect the new reality.
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5 Tips to Ace Leading a Team While Working From Home

Working remotely can be challenging for team leaders but there are five guiding principles that can help light the way. Read to find out more on these tips.

How to Effectively Onboard a Remote Employee

Remote working isn’t just an idea for the future anymore. The demand for mobile and at-home working opportunities is higher than ever. As the digital world unlocks new ways for people to stay productive online, and businesses see the benefits of having a remote team, a revolution is taking place. What are some tips that you can consider to onboard remote employees?

Reimagining Workplace Relationships in the Wake of COVID-19: A Future Viewpoint

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything about the way we work. These changes may last longer after the coronavirus itself has passed. What should we be most concerned about?

Employee Onboarding: Your Game-changer During a Challenging Period

As COVID-19 throws a wrench in your recruitment works, it is likely that your company will defer the onboarding process – but for how long? Ramping up your workforce for demand and to alleviate during this period means you’ll need a strong and highly digitalised onboarding process.

The Three Types of Recognition Every Team Needs

Of the many drivers of motivation at the workplace, what factors do employers often overlook? Based on the latest insights from EngageRocket’s 2020 Employee Engagement Benchmark, recognition surfaced as a key factor across generations.

Circuit Breaker Extension: Keep Your Team Engaged in the Age of WFH

There's no doubt about it. More and more organisations are offering remote work as an option for their employees. But how can organisations revitalise their engagement strategies through revising how they offer remote work for their employees?
coronavirus remote work

Working Through COVID-19: 6 Questions to Ask Remote Workers

To limit the spread of the virus, employees across Asia are being asked to operate from home. Isolation, fears and anxiety can undoubtedly impact employee experience and productivity. In a sensitive period like this, maintaining strong morale is critical, especially when employees have to endure dramatic changes to their work processes and environment.
HR Skills 2020

10 Essential HR Skills To Thrive In The Next Decade And Beyond

In 2020 HR will have to take on a more strategic role, deploying new practices that not only embrace change but leverage on them to get the best return-on-investment in people. In a decade of rapid change, these are 10 crucial skills that allow HR leaders to steer businesses to the forefront of the competition.
Engage Millennials in 2020

How to Attract and Retain Millennial Talents in 2020

By 2025, millennials will make up more than 3/4 of the workforce. It is more important than ever to understand the millennial employee. Based on the latest insights generated from the EngageRocket’s 2020 Employee Engagement Benchmark, we are creating a fuller picture to understand how to best attract, retain and engage Millennials.
performance review

Why Fortune 500 Companies are Redesigning Their Performance Reviews

Ultimately, many companies are moving away from the annual performance review as it creates unhealthy competition, drains time and resources from managers and employees and after all that effort, still might not even be effective or accurate.
Employee Survey

How to Choose the Right Employee Survey Frequency

Business owners want to seek actionable information in real-time rather than relics left over from months ago. They aim to open new lines of team communication, improve retention, and boost productivity. With these increasing needs, the time has come to take a fresh look at employee engagement survey and its frequency.
SaaS employee engagement solution

Build vs Buy: Why Investing in Employee Engagement SaaS is a Good Idea

What is the Build vs. Buy Debate in Employee Engagement All About? Companies have the option of building business software from scratch, using internal expertise, open-source tools, and freely available APIs. They could also choose an out-of-the-box software that’s ready to be deployed from day one.
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Employee Feedback Action Plans

Turn Employee Feedback into Meaningful Action Plans

You have just spent weeks planning and conducting your survey… Now what? What do the results mean? Using information derived from survey results can help your organisation improve employee experience and detect problems before they occur. Effective survey analysis and action plans can lead to significant return on investment.
Employee lifecycle Analytics

How Employee Engagement Impacts Business Performance 

According to Gallup, a mere 13% of employees across the globe are engaged. Let’s consider the word engaged for a moment. In this context, it means someone who is interested in their work. Someone who feels like they have a meaningful connection with their organization. And an estimated 87% of people feel the very opposite of that.
Mentoring program

How to start a mentoring program that actually works

Many of the top companies in the world believe in the power of having a mentor at work and 70% of Fortune 500 companies actually have a mentoring program! Studies have shown over the years that, mentoring is a powerful force at the workplace in three integral ways.

We have turned 3

EngageRocket is celebrating its 3rd anniversary! EngageRocket is the leading Asian employee engagement analytics provider. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Employee engagement and business growth: Uncover best practices

Growth in revenue for the above-average Glassdoor rated companies was on average 9x larger than growth in revenue for S&P 500. The average growth in revenue for the above-average Glassdoor rated companies was 53%.
Culture transformation

Why the Strongest Organizations All Have a Shared Culture

And 5 Simple Ways You Can Make it Happen... Having a shared culture affects employees in three powerful ways – functionally, socially and emotionally. On a functional level, it gives employees clarity on their role so they can perform better in their day-to-day tasks.
Heathcare employee engagement


Better Quality of Patient Care Begins with Improving the Employee Engagement in Healthcare 

Today, the impending shortage of skilled labor and growing demand for healthcare have confirmed that the internal structures of these organizations are in dire need of change. Naturally, a healthcare professional that works under stressful and time-sensitive environment will be easily subjected to disengagement. 


Employee data: Everything you need to know about GDPR, Data Security and Privacy 

The exposure of personal information and sensitive, data and the violation of privacy has affected millions of people and organisations worldwide and at a number of instanced. According to Computer Business Review, there were 945 data breaches in the first six months of 2018.


How to launch a successful employee onboarding process? 

Improving the on-boarding experience is an ongoing process and needs to be measured with surveys at least across the following different milestones: Day 1 - Day 30 - Day 90 - Day 180 & Day 365. HR and hiring managers are both accountable for the success of the onboarding process.
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Employee Engagement Education


The rise of Intelligent enterprises - Leveraging HR Analytics to Understand the Employee Experience Economy 

To provide meaningful experiences, companies needed to understand their customers and build trusted relationships. This was achieved with the collection and analysis of the experience data. Today, the experience economy has further evolved, extending to the experiences companies create within their workplaces
infographic survey participation


Get a 95% participation rate on your next employee survey

As a rule of thumb 80% is considered representative of the workforce. However reliable survey participation rates depend on the size of a company. The higher the participation rate, the better. But the truth is, HR leaders spend hours and a lot of energy and resources on employee surveys to get very low participation scores at the end.
Employee lifecycle Analytics


Direct Correlation Between Attrition and Employee Engagement

The problem is that attrition is an expensive affair. It is estimated that the average cost-per-hire to fill a position is $4,129. So, if your turnover rate is at 20% and you have 100 employees, then your organization could be losing up to $82,580 to fill all those positions back.
people strategy


Role of A Well-Defined Strategy for Employee Retention in the Organization

Replacing an existing employee with a new one tends to cost about three times the salary of the employee. This includes managing recruitment procedure, severance, lost opportunities, lost productivity, etc. A well-defined employee retention methods will have a positive and significant impact on the turnover rate of your organization.


How To Build A Performance Management System Employees Will Love

From the military to start-ups, leaders always want to know the secret sauce to help their teams perform better. Performance management is now undergoing a transformative time. A 2017 study by Deloitte reported that 79% of leaders surveyed rated the redesign of their performance management system as a high priority.

turn feedback into action


Turn Employee Feedback into Meaningful Action Plans

You have just spent weeks planning and conducting your survey… Now what? What do the results mean? Who do you communicate the results to and how do you share them? Using information derived from survey results can help your organisation improve employee experience and detect problems before they occur. 
Engage Z generation


How to Recruit and Retain Generation Z

Already, it is estimated that there are 8 million Generation Z’ers in the workforce. As the largest working generation in history thus far. HR managers will quickly realise that this generation have requirements that differ vastly to Millennials and other generations. 



How To Design Learning For A Multi-Gen Workforce in Singapore

FToday’s workforce looks less and less like it used to. 95% of TAFEP’s 2014 survey said that they work in multi-generational teams, that has members aged anywhere between 18 to 70. Why such a big range, you ask? It’s all thanks to a longer life expectancy and people staying in the workforce longer. In fact, 60% of Singapore’s residents aged 60 to 64 are still working or looking for jobs.