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How your organization can embrace ChatGPT without replacing people

In one of our previous content, we discussed at length about using ChatGPT for managers, leaders, and HR. Now, we want to tackle...

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Considerations in choosing the right virtual employee engagement platform

The term employee engagement was coined over three decades ago by William A. Kahn, a Boston University professor of...

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10 electrifying trends that will impact HR and businesses in 2023

It's an understatement to say that the pandemic has changed the world for good. The implications have been felt all the way from...

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The workplace is only going to become more divided in 2023

My opinion on what's happening with workplaces around the world and why the risk of us being more fragmented is real.

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All you need to know about effective employee onboarding

Did you know, companies with effective onboarding processes see 2.5 times more revenue growth? How would you rate your...

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