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Solutions to Involve Employees in Business Process Optimisation in 2021

How involved are your employees in the decision-making process for your business?

Getting your team involved in choices about...

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How to reinvent the way performance appraisals are designed

Article published in CNA on 4 November 2020

In many ways, the pandemic has been a wake-up call for employers. American human...

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4 Best Practices to Prepare Your Team for 2021

The current pandemic has forced employers to rethink the way we work. Employee safety, mental well-being and productivity, as...

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5 Tips to Ace Leading a Team While Working From Home

The hashtag #WFH (“working from home”) has dominated social media posts, as Singapore’s “circuit breaker” measures kick in and...

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Reimagining Workplace Relationships in the Wake of COVID-19: A Future Viewpoint

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has triggered a global change in how people work and interact with their employers. In...

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Tags: Leadership

Employee Onboarding: Your Game-changer During a Challenging Period

The show, as they say, must go on. As COVID-19 throws a wrench in your recruitment works, it is likely that your company will...

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How to Effectively Onboard a Remote Employee

Remote working isn’t just an idea for the future anymore.

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10 Secrets to Surviving and Excelling Remote Working

Here are some secrets revealed from our own EngageRocket employees and our customers on lessons they’ve learned to better...

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How To Demonstrate Empathy Virtually

Empathy is the cornerstone of positive workplace culture, and demonstrating an understanding of the experiences of your team...

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How To Set Clear Expectations For Employees Virtually

When remote employees know what is expected of them they are much more likely to deliver results. Here are four areas to set...

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5 Virtual Team Building Activities to Try This Week

Looking to boost team productivity, communication, collaboration, relationships at work and trust? Here are 5 different...

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How To Strengthen Remote Collaboration In Teams

To improve collaboration between departments, you have to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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How To Manage Distractions And Stay Focused

In an office, it may be easy to stay focused and busy with the work you have to do. The hustle and bustle create an engaging...

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Tags: Managing Uncertainty

Tips On Co-working Amicably With Your Spouse At Home

With the remote working situation, we may now be spending more time with our spouses than we’re used to - and that can be a...

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Tags: Mental Health, Morale, Relationships At Work

Are You Working Longer? Tips To Self Care Without A Dent In Your Productivity

While working in your own home affords you comfort, flexibility and creativity that offices can't replicate, some remote...

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Tags: Mental Health, Morale

The Three Types of Recognition Every Team Needs

Of the many drivers of motivation at the workplace, what factors do employers often overlook? Based on the latest insights...

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Circuit Breaker Extension: Keep Your Team Engaged in the Age of WFH


There's no doubt about it. More and more organisations are offering remote work as an option for their employees. Buffer’s...

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Tags: Employee Engagement, Workplace Culture, Difficult Conversations

Working Through COVID-19: 6 Questions to Ask Remote Workers [Free Infographic]

Tracking employee engagement through COVID-19

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Tags: Leadership, Performance Management, HR Strategy

2020 Employee Engagement Benchmark - Glossary of Key Terms

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10 Essential HR Skills to Thrive in 2020 and Beyond



Take a man from the Bronze age 2,000 years into the future, the Iron age - and things wouldn’t be all too unfamiliar even...

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Tags: HR Strategy

Why Fortune 500 Companies are Redesigning Their Performance Reviews

...And 3 Key Factors That Make All The Difference

Performance reviews seem straightforward enough. Traditionally an annual...

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Tags: Performance Reviews

How to start a mentoring program that actually works

Junot Diaz, a Pulitzer Prize winning writer said, “Colleagues are a wonderful thing – but mentors, that’s where the real work...

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Tags: Employee Engagement, Leadership, Performance Management

Why the Strongest Organizations All Have a Shared Culture

And 5 Simple Ways You Can Make it Happen


The Power of a Shared culture

A single music conductor waving his hand at...

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Tags: Organizational Culture

Employee engagement and business growth: Uncover best practices


Does employee engagement have an actual impact on an organisation’s profit?

Growth in revenue for the above-average...

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Tags: Employee Engagement, Performance Management

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