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The Forgotten Language All Effective Leaders Must Learn

This is a guest post by Dr. Paul White and Jasmine Liew. Most employees across the world today don’t feel valued at work. Supervisors know that their team members are “doing more with less”, feeling stressed, unmotivated and many times, are approaching burnout. Predominately, monetary incentives, increments and promotions have been a common way of recognising staff. However, in today’s…

Western Leaders in Asia

The 5 Traits Western Leaders Need to be Successful in Asia

Last updated: 24 Aug 2016 Download the PDF summary here Datuk Dr. Paddy Bowie, writer and a well–known political analyst, once said that a key difference between doing business for Asian or Western leaders, lies in realising that relationships are very important in the East. Is this too simplistic? Even the West goes by the adage that “People do business with…